~Meet the Cook~

Helen Oldre was born on March 26th of 1915. When she was married in 1935, she started putting together a cookbook. She collected recipes from friends, neighbors and relatives. At most gatherings, it was custom to share recipes with each other. A lot of recipes were also handed down to Helen from her mother and her grandmother.

Helen remembers that meals were some of the most important times of the day. She remembers that people would gather and talk for hours sharing their lives with one another. Helen would normally cook all three meals a day for her family, and never really minded cooking--especially Devils Food cake--which is her favorite!

Most of her family is now living in Texas (Houston and Dallas), but she also has relatives in Rochester, MN and Arizona. She hopes that by sharing her recipes she can help other families to become even more connected! For more of her delicious recipes, visit the Smith-Zimmerman Museum to see the exhibit!

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