Battle Creek

Battle Creek Document

On November 27, 1905, Martin Nelson hired John Gregor to survey and plot blocks, lots, streets and alleys for the village of Battle Creek, Lake County, South Dakota. The legal description for Battle Creek was described as commencing at a point in section line three hundred sixty feet (360) north of the quarter corner to the east line section eight (8) township one hundred seven (7), range fifty one (51), west of the fith (5) P.M., then three hundred forty feet (340), then south eight hundred ten feet (810), then east three hundred forty feet (340) to the beginning. He plotted and numbered the tract into blocks and lots.

The name Battle Creek was taken from a nearby stream. Residents of Battle Creek picked up their mail in Rutland, never officially having their own post office.

A rooming house and hotel was built in 1907 by Ole Moger. His business in the restaurant was so great he soon put up an addition to his building.

Ray F. Crosby operated the B-square Gas Station, while a house in Battle Creek housed the doctor's office.

Battle Creek had claim to eleven homes in 1921. Only two of these exist today.