Civil War

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Civil War Veterans Who Later Settled In Lake County

Since Lake County was not settled until 1870, it did not actively participate in the War Between the States. Many veterans did settle here later. Their reasons included free land, a fresh chance to make a better life, and hope of leaving the horrors of war behind them.

This list is by no means complete. These are just the names we have been able to identify so far.

Adkinson, Lewis Ford, William Murry, R.A.
Bailey, Oliver Frohman, August Nicholson, C.W.
Barron, B.G. Frost, Moses Norton, John
Bartling, William Fry, Isiah Olson, Jacob
Bast, M.F. Garry, James Orton, William A.
Beadle, W.H.H. Gilbert, F.D. Owens, V.T.
Beardsley, A.D. Gilchrist, John Packard, Will
Belknap, Geo. Goodall, M.B. Palmer, F.D.
Bell, O.S. Gregor, John Phillips, Frank
Bellereus, C.E. Gregory, Stephen Samuel Pitts
Bellrude, O.C. Gruenhagen, H.F. Preston, James
Bennett, James Gunderson, Ole Pulford, Joseph, Sr.
Bingham, Charles Hall, Silus Rei, John
Birdsell, William H. Haner, Alpheus Renner, Jacob
Bliss, Albert Hare, John T. Reynolds, Alvin P.
Bond, Jasper Hart, Horace Rosenow, Charles C.
Boswell, William H. Haussler, John Shaw, James
Bowe, John Healey, Frank Smith, Harvard
Bunrock, August Health, Alphonse Smith, Dr. William H.
Burnett, F.J. Heath, Alonzo Smith, Samuel
Chapman, C.C. Heitman, Chris Stacy, Norman
Coffee, Ed Helgerson, N.D. Staley, Jonathon
Colburn, William Hewitt, J.A. Standord, David
Corbin, Isaiah Holdridge, A.W. Thompson, John
Costlow, James Holdridge, D.D. Tobin, William
Costlow, Thomas Hueer, Carl Tyler, J.D.
Coyle, J.A. Hull, A.P. Tyrell, Preston C.
Crough, Francis Hundemer, John V. Walters, John
Curtis, Henry Jenks, S.M. Warns, Franz W.
DeMerrseman, Isaac Kerr, Thoman Waters, Curtis
Dewey, David Klassy, George Westfall, John
Dodge, Martin Kleise, Lewis Whalen, Hiram
Downs, William Knapp, George Whitmore, William
Drake, William A. Lee, William Wolley, Sam
Duff, John Luce, William F. Zimmerman, Fred
Fader, Simon Metcalf, S.M. Mosher, Wilber
Farrand, Lyman Miller, Edson Fintzel, Frank
Feneran, Thomas Miller, Hiram