Spanish American War

spanish-american spanish-american
spanish-american spanish-american

List of men who gave Lake County addresses and participated in the War with Spain and the War of Philippine Insurrection

Anderson, Roy-Winfred-Died Krueger, Gus O.-Madison
Bachman, Conrad-Winfred-Wounded Krueger, Herman F.-Madison-Wounded
Barron, Barabus-Madison LaBrec, Joseph-Madison
Barth, William-Madison Lizer, James-Madison-Killed
Bertrand, George-Madison Lowes, William-Madison-Killed
Bond, H.P.-Wentworth Miller, Paul E.-Madison
Braese, Herman A.-Madison Northrop, Arthur-Madison
Fay, Hiram-Winfred--Wounded Olinger, Adam-Madison
Fuller, Frank C.-Madison Pearce, Dion-Madison
Garrigan, Andy-Madison Prohl, Otto
Gatzke, Albert-Madison Reinicke, Herman-Madison
Gray, Frank Richardson, John-Madison
Hatleberg, Nile Rieley, Fred
Hoff, Julius Robertson, James
Holland, J.W. “Bill”-Wentworth Schroeder, Frank-Madison-Killed
Hubbard, Richard Simonson, Nels-Madison
Hunt, John Spawn, Clarence
Jellis, Walter-Madison Weiss, Paul-Madison
Johnson, John F.-Madison Willard, Fred-Madison
Killion, Henry-Madison Wulff, Herman-Madison